• Mixing Engineer (Dolby ATMOS)

    Mixing and mastering
  • Beat Producer

    co-founder of BOX BEATS
  • Music Producer

    Recording engineer, Composer: Hip-hop, Rnb, Organic house, Edm
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About Me

Bogdan Ioan

Music is my journey

A multi-award winning mixer engineer and producer, Bogdan Ioan has worked with some of the biggest names in today’s music industry (Mario Winans, Fatman Scoop, Costary, Theo Rose, Andra, Lora, Right Said Fred, Kiko & Boro, Vlad in Tears, Costi, Bere Gratis, Franques and many others) in addition to a successful career working in advertising, television broadcast, postproduction. He’s a expert in producing, composing, recording, mixing and mastering both stereo and Dolby Atmos®. His name is associated with labels and studios like Ines Studios, Box Studio Media, Box Records, Box Beats, Piredda Entertainment, Studio Connect, Earthbeat Records.

Bogdan Ioan is also offering music prodution workshops and online courses being a partner of Sner.ch. Sner – Unterricht in Producing und DJing 

I can teach you

What We Do

Be fluent in the daw of your choice
Be fluent in the daw of your choice
Production tips and tricks
Production tips and tricks
Basic music theory
Basic music theory
How to record like a pro
How to record like a pro
How to edit, postproduction - Workshop
How to edit, postproduction - Workshop
How to arrange a song
How to arrange a song
Ways to collaborate with other artists
Ways to collaborate with other artists
How to mix and master - Workshops
How to mix and master - Workshops

Music Production & DJ Performing Courses

Learn music production and how to prepare your DJ sets on-demand


What I Offer

Beats, Broadcast and Arrangements

I produce any type of instrumental. I provide stems and offer atractive royalties contracts. You can lease or even ask for your exclusive type beat.

But I am not limited to beats, I am arranging broadcast productions, instrumentals for pop, pop rock, rnb and my favorite: dance, edm, deep and organic house.

Mix & Mastering

Mixing means making your production from demo to sound like a finish product. My experience helps me figure out quite fast where the problems are and how to fix them. I can do it in your daw of choice, even I feel more comfortable in Studio One, Ableton or Logic.

With every mixing you get the mastering free. If you are interested just in master, there is no problem, we can work only on that.

Music Production Courses

If you want me to become your teacher, there nothing more easy to do. We can work online or face to face. I can introduce you to music and video production, editing, mixing. I can also advice on hardware and software purchases.

More info on Sner – Unterricht in Producing und DJing

Live Setup

You wonder how your favourite Djs, Artists and Bands are performing live ? What software do they use and how they do their routings and patching? What controllers might suit your performance? I can teach you the easiest way to use Ableton Live or Ableton Live linked to your Dj Software or Studio One for this. Your next gig will be flawless, no drops, no out of sync, the best sound .

Music is an universal language

I believe it is our duty to share our creativity and our experiences, knowledge and wisdom. Music has no age, it is evolving and in the same time keep ourselves young. I am glad I can offer my services to people in need in exchange for some good energy and some coffee money which helps me live my story. We inspire and get inspired by our amzing journey called life.

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Or book online production courses.

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