• Producer & Sound Engineer

    Specialized in mix and master.
  • Beat Producer

    co-founder of www.boxbeatsmusic.com
  • Artist & Composer

    deep house, rnb, pop, edm
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About Me

Bogdan Ioan

The only way is the right way

When you know what to do with your life, it is just a matter of taking the decision, to follow your dreams. Every day is a new day, a new challange, a new step towards your goal. For me, my life was easy. I knew I just have to do music and continue to improve myself.


Audio - Services

Mix & Mastering

You get a FREE mastering for every mix. Please check what other services I offer in collaboration with Box Beats.


I produce any type of instrumental. You can check some here and order directly. I’ve got some nice packages available.

Music Presets

This is the producer’s paradise. I offer music presets for: vocals, mixing, mastering & project templates. Some are free 🙂


Get in touch

Bogdan Ioan

St. Gallen, Zürich


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